The CrazzyCarnival: Crazzy Games, Crazzy Food on a Crazzy Evening

23 May 2014 was the day CrazzyShuttlers was founded. It’s been an amazing journey so far for CrazzyShuttlers. We had always believed “Good things comes to those who believe, Better things comes to those who are patient and the best things come to those who don’t give up”. With the passion to serve the badminton community we strive to be better always by taking all your feedback positively.
To celebrate the 3rd birth day we announced the CrazzyCarnival with Crazzy Games, Crazzy Food on a Crazzy Evening. Even though it was a weekday the footfall mesmerized us. The overwhelming response seemed like a fruit to the volunteers who have been nurturing the club with passion and commitments. Including the participants, volunteers, well-wishers we had a footfall close to 80. This is unexpected love for us.

The Fastest Smash Contest:

Aditya, one of the founder of the company which has come up with the device Flink (A badminton moves tracking device) was on board with us in the celebration. His team did an excellent work in keeping the crowd engaged. I must say, whom ever I have spoken to on the event, were talking about the Fastest smash contest. We also had our regular categories like Men’s Single, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles.

The Carnival was also supported by KhelIndia who helped us get the yummy and healthy Snackpack for all the participants. The arranged grilled stick, energy drink and food was planned to back up the energy of the participants for the whole night. To our surprise the crazy games went on till 4am in the morning but everybody seemed charged up till the end.


Saurabh Singh dominated the tournament with his performance to win the “Player of the Tournament” title. He was awarded with a Flink Device for this achievement.

1. Men’s Singles
                Winner: Saurabh Singh
                Runner: Varun Chellam
2. Men’s Doubles
                Winners: Saurabh Singh & Ashwani
                Runners: Varun Chellam & Samik Pradhan
3. Women’s Singles
                Winner: Neeraj Sapra
                Runner: Charchita Pramanik
4. Mixed Doubles
                Winner: Kavya Hedge & Varun Chellam
                Runner: Neeraj Sapra& Dr. Veeresh

Prizes as declared:

1. All the podium finishers get customized dry-fit T-shirt (With Name printed on the back). This printing may take some time and will be delivered to the player
2. All the podium finishers will get Flink Device purchase Coupon worth INR 800 delivered to their e-mail ID. Exclusively for CrazzyShuttlers
3. All the podium finishers will get 50% off on the next CrazzyShuttlers tournament registration
4. All the participants of Fastest Smash Contest participant will get Flink Device purchase Coupon worth INR 500 delivered to their e-mail ID

Other Prizes:

1. Player of the Tournament gets CrazzyShuttlers Voucher worth 5 CrazzyShuttlers Meetup Sessions
2. Winners of each Category gets CrazzyShuttlers Voucher worth 2 CrazzyShuttlers Meetup Sessions
3. Runners of each Category gets CrazzyShuttlers Voucher worth 1 CrazzyShuttlers Meetup Sessions

Special Mentions:

Our Special thanks to Ajay from PlayMatches for helping in the fixtures in a very short notice.

Note: CrazzyShuttlers Voucher can’t be exchanged for cash or any other services. RSVP must to attend the sessions. No Show Penalty will be collected separately and can’t be adjusted from the voucher. Validity 30 days from the date issued.