About Us

CrazzyShuttlers is an e-club. A concept club first of its kind in India. It is a community for all the Badminton maniacs.

This club was started with an aim to solve the problem of badminton lovers in finding a place with great facilities and more importantly a place to play the sport. 3 friends — Charchita, Avinash & Sailendra who started a what'App group named "AmateurShuttlers" and were thereafter joined by many badminton enthusiasts. On 23 May 2014 the concept of CrazzyShuttlers came out of the what's-app group to become a public forum as well as an e-club. As of now, there are about 3,100 members in Bangalore and around 1000 members in Hyderabad.

 If you are looking to play Badminton sometime and you reside in Bangalore, you should definitely be a part of Crazzy Shuttlers. For many, the club, apart from being a learning experience, is also a place where they can make friends. And after a long day, a game of badminton can be a stress reliever.