Membership Benefits

Why join CrazzyShuttlers with Nominal Session Charges

Here are some of the things to know when you join CrazzyShuttlers and the benefit you get out of this membership.
  • Passionate hosts and volunteers
The most important thing that you will notice in CS is the passion. That's what drive us. It's the passion towards the game which is helping us to keep on moving 
  • Curated Games/Optimized games 
Since we have one or more host on each meetups that we conduct, the games you play on the events become the responsibility of the host. The host arranges the players in such a way that you get the best games for the session.
    • level of games: We understand your level of games and categories you for the best games
    • Acceptance of beginners: Beginners are most welcome in CrazzyShuttlers. We strongly believe that "The expert in anything was once a beginner". Allow yourself to be a beginners in CrazzyShuttlers experience our service. No one starts at the top.
    • Advanced games for advanced players: We often conduct separate sessions for our advanced and tournament players.So no fear of loosing the speed and adrenal rush if you join us. We assure
  • Pre-Fixed Court/Time/Price
Courts are booked on a long team basis. Even if players are less the charges remain same. Since we don't want to disturb your workout schedule we block courts well in advance so that its there for you when you push yourself to play in a routine. Nothing comes between you and your game.its fixed charges. so even if there are 2 players for a day and the court charge is 680 you only pay the amount fixed
  • Community development
We are working hard to take the badminton community in India to the next level. Many dedicated volunteers have joined us and putting lot of efforts in our path to help us reach the goal
  • Social event (birthday celebration/ get together / adventure outings / NGO Events) 
While game events are our central focus to keep you engaged in your workout in your day to day life we also encourage members to be social in the event. We celebrate Birthdays of our members. We organize get-together parties and of course being a sports club there are adventurous outings with your baddy buddy.
  • Fundraising & social responsibilities 
We also conduct events for fundraising for a cause like cancer and anti tobacco day, women's day etc.
  • Internal leagues/ Players Ranking
Being a member one can take part in the internal league and compete for the top rank. There is a bunch of benefits for the top rank holders. Some of them includes tournament registration will be free, separate session for practice with equal level of players and training sessions.
  • Discounts on badminton related equipment
We have gained the faith of some of the vendors who can provide badminton equipment to member of CS in a discounted price which can challenge the general market cost
  • Training plans
Personalized training plans for all the members interested in taking their game to the next level
  • Other Benefits

  • Coaching Class Discount exclusively for members
  • Access to all social event of CrazzyShuttlers like Birthday celebration of members/ Dinner outing/ Day outings/ multiday outings which is organized solely or jointly by the club
  • Healthy discount on the registration of Leagues
  • League winners and runners up will get free entry to tournaments of the session
  • Healthy discount on the registration of tournaments
  • Discounts on partner institutions like Yoga and Gyms and Cycling & expedition Trips
  • Exclusive Game and Fitness Analysis and assistance by expert players and moderators of the club. Video sessions included.

Membership Details