Internal Club League(CSL)

CrazzyShuttlers Internal Club League

This internal club league is a curated competition among the players of the club. This helps the players to evaluate them selves in the game in terms of their game level and where they stand wrt. others in the club. This also helps the organizers to optimize the games in each sessions. During the season each players play with a verity of players and learns a lot from the games. At occasion the league toppers are sponsored for tournaments around Bangalore to represent the club. All the toppers are also sponsored to all the tournaments organized by the club on the following season.

  1. Who Can Join the CrazzyShuttlers Internal Club League?
    1. Any one who is a member of CrazzyShuttlers before the announced date (28 June 2017) and has attended minimum 5 meetups with CrazzyShuttlers in any of our Venue

  1. Can a non-member of CrazzyShuttlers be a partner of a member and join the league?
    1. NO. Any player who will play the league has to be a member & should have  attended at least 5 meetups
  1. How does the league work?
    1. A player registers for the league
      1. Participants will be accepted till the cutoff date & the list of players will be announced  in each category
      2. Players can start playing with others right from the date of registration. There is no need to wait for the announcement
      3. Each player of a category has to play against every other player from the same category before the end of season
For example: If there are 20 players registered for the singles category, then each player will play 19 games (1 against 2, 3, … 20)
For doubles/mixed doubles if there are 10 teams registered each team has to play with 9 other teams during the league season
      1. Each match you play will give you 1 point. Additionally, the winner will get 2 points for each win and losing team will get 0 points. All matches will be a set of 3 games. So in one match a player can max (Winner) get 5 points [1 point (for playing the match + 4 points (winning 2 games in the set of 3 games)] and the opponents gets 1 point by just playing the game. So even if you lose a match you get points
      2. The Score will also be recorded in these games. This will have the significance in deciding league ties (If any) and also give statistics of winning margins of the player
      3. Players with the same league points will be judged on the basis of their League Score

  1. How will the fixture be scheduled as there are multiple venues?
    1. The Organizer of CrazzyShuttlers has given the freedom to the league players to fix their venue and slot on there own. We have declared the venue and time slot which is our regular sessions timing on each days. Contact the organisers for schedule
      1. In the slot(session of a day) you opt for, you can play other games as well along with the league matches. As you know the sessions / meetups last for 1.5hr to 2 hrs, there will be other players who may not be a part of the league but can play general games.

  1. What if a player could not turn up @ the the agreed venue?
    1. The available player will get the point. But upon mutual agreement the match can be rescheduled as well.
    2. There will be no League Score for this match. only league point will be awarded

  1. What the fee for the league?
    1. The registration fee is Rupees 200 per person per category

  1.  What are the rules?
    1. All generic badminton rules will be applied

  1. Which shuttle will be used?
    1. Yonex Mavis 350 by default and will be provided by the Organizers
    2. Any other shuttle the teams will choose. Cost will be borne by them

  1. What if a player is not available in Bangalore for a particular period of time due to vacation / any other personal reason in between the league season?
    1. The  player can still join the league. The only overhead : They have to stretch a little to finish off the games with all the opponents once they are back in town / available

  1. Is it mandatory to play all the opponents in the same category ?
    1. No. It's not mandatory but you at least should complete playing with 60% of the total number of registered opponents. But the more opponents you play the more points you get.
    2. I.E if 10 players/ teams are registered you are supposed to play with at least 6 players/teams in singles/doubles respectively

  1. Terminology we will use during the game
    1. 1 “League MATCH” = set of 3 “GAMES”
    2. 1 “GAME” = A normal game of 15 points
    3. League Point: The point a player/team gets when a MATCH is played
      1. 1 League Point for each MATCH a player play
        • So in each match 1 point will go to the winner and 1 point will go to the other team
      2. 2 League Points for each GAME a player/team wins
        • So winning player/team will get 4 points as after winning the match
        • The opponent may get 2 points if they stretch the match to 3rd game of the set or may not get point if the winners win straight 2 games in the set of 3 games
      3. 0 points for losing a GAME
    4. League Score : The game points during the GAMES
      1. Each game will be monitored for the League Score
      2. Example : A player/team wins a MATCH
        • The GAME scores are 15-14,2-15,15-8
        • The winners League Score =15+2+15 = 32
        • The losers League Score = 14 +15+8= 37
      3. So the non-winners teams also have the chance to have  League Score more than the winner and wear the Pride
      4. This will show your competency level. Win and Lose are just part of the game :)

  1. How can a player Fix a Schedule match with opponent and RSVP for a meetup session?
    1. The List of the participants are there in meetup. Talk to the organizers to get ur match fixed with different opponents.
    2. If required a Google Doc will be shared with closed participant group with the names , categories.
    3. Contact Numbers will be exposed only with the consent of the players.
    4. If all participants agrees then another way will be to have a whatsapp group and discuss this there on the group where all the organizer will be there

  1. How can I find a CS Partner for any Doubles Game?
    1. We will have a pool of players published looking for partners. Contact each other and team up.
    2. How to contact is mentioned in point number 12.
  2. The League participants list will get updated timely. The list will be shared with the players through Google Doc. Keep Checking our page:
  3. If you don't find your name in the list you are not qualified to play the league