About the Sport

Badminton is quite simply one of the most awesome sports you can play.Since 1992, badminton has been an Olympic sport with five events: men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles, and mixed doubles. Now from 2014 here is your meetup group for the same 5 types of events. We welcome all you badminton players of Namma Bengaluru and interested Amateur Shuttlers. Let's get together and live our passion like never before. Here are some of the extraordinary reason one should play the game of Badminton. 
1. Social Benefit: you can play doubles if you want to have a bit more fun and enjoy the game. If you join this group you’ll find that you’ll be off court occasionally. During those times, you’ll get to mingle, socialize and make lots of new friends. This increase the understanding and co-ordination when you know a person out of court as well.
2. Reflexes/Fitness/Agility:  with badminton you will develop lightening quick reflexes. You can play singles to increase your fitness.if you’re a crazy for fitness you can get a skipping rope and skip to keep the sweat going during the break and off court duration. With badminton you have to learn to get from one side of the court to the other extremely quickly and so after a while you develop a great agility. When you start playing at a higher level it builds incredible upper body and leg strength. Check out this link to know how much fat generaly one burns with just 30 mins of play http://www.nutristrategy.com/activitylist4.htm  
3. Cost: Badminton isn't the cheapest sport but it doesn't really break the bank either. The biggest cost is usually the shuttles. When you join us the cost of the shuttles are included and so you may not even notice your wallet get lighter. We will guide you for a good racquet but we have some good branded one to rent it out to you on hourly basis for your initial days.
4. Learning/Skills to be Fast & Furious:  Badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world; The record smash to a shuttle is around a speed of 300 Kmph. When you learn to return those kinds of shots you get a serious rush! Just be warned though if a shot like that hits you in the head, you’ll walk around looking like you’re being targeted with a sniper rifle for a while! Learn by playing with the players around. While also learning to hit the shuttle at that speeds you can also develop the softest touch. You will be able to just drop the shuttle over the net so it trickles over and hits the ground quicker than your opponent can think of. Each one will be having their own special trick and skill. This can continue all year around as this is an indoor sport. Believe me we don't have semester exams and no assessments :-P. You can prove yourself at the competition
5. Competition: You can keep it a strictly social thing but if you like to be competitive then you can join us in upcoming leagues and compete against other players. Rise to the Fame of the Sports.